Book Sent to President and Prime Ministers of Pakistan

On November 14, 2003, Mr. Nasim Yousaf sent his book, Allama Mashriqi & Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan: Two Legends of Pakistan (published in October, 2003), to President General Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali through Mr. Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, the Pakistan Ambassador in Washington D.C., USA.

According to Mr. Yousaf, the purpose of sending his book to the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan was to allow them to read firsthand the great contributions of Allama Mashriqi and Dr. Khan towards Pakistan. The book was also sent to inform the President and Prime Minister that justice has not been done by historians as well as government institutions, who have failed to apprise the people of Allama Mashriqi's tremoundous services to the nation and his important role towards the independence of Pakistan. Mr. Yousaf hopes that this book will be an eye opener for the leadership and they will take concrete steps to inform the nation of the role of the Khaksar Tehrik in the freedom movement. In a letter to the President and Prime Minister (sent along with his book), Mr. Yousaf requested them to look into the matter personally. Mr. Yousaf wrote:

" ...I feel extremely good to be presenting this work of mine, that was produced after years of research, in order to bring to your attention the importance of Mashriqi and the Khaksars’ roles in the history of our nation. I am earnestly requesting to you to personally look into the matter and issue a directive to the concerned authorities to make Mashriqi and the Khaksars’ roles known to the public as they are clearly important from Pakistan history’s point of view. I am also requesting that you ask the relevant institutions not to eliminate or distort the facts of Pakistan history because such steps are very dangerous for the growth of any nation. By directing the appropriate authorities to take necessary steps in acquainting the nation about Allama Mashriqi and Khaksars’ contributions and sacrifices, you will redress the grievances of the families of Mashriqi and the Khaksars, particularly families of those Khaksars who either laid their lives or suffered in prison for the cause..."

In regards to Dr. Khan, Mr. Yousaf suggested in his letter that "Orangi Town in Karachi should be named after Dr. Khan...a monument should be erected at Orangi Town...[and Dr. Khan's] works should be translated into various languages so that they can help alleviate poverty that exists around the world. This will be a service to all of humanity."

On September 7, 2004, Mr. Yousaf also sent Allama Mashriqi & Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan: Two Legends of Pakistan and Pakistan's Freedom & Allama Mashriqi: Statements, Letters, Chronology of Khaksar Tehrik (Movement), Period: Mashriqi's Birth to 1947 to the new Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz.